Paul Finebaum gave his latest set of takes as more information becomes available pertaining to the NCAA’s investigation into No.3 Michigan on the allegations of in-person scouting of other teams and illicit sign stealing.

Big Ten commissioner Tony Petitti recently issued Michigan a notice of potential disciplinary action. The ESPN analyst believes this is a telling sign of how grave the matter is.

“I think it shows the severity of the situation. A brand new commissioner would intercede this quickly,” Finebaum said. “A lot of commissioners would sit back and say ‘Listen, let it play out.’ Knowing very well that nothing is going to happen. Michigan moves on, possibly to the national championship.”

Finebaum praises Petitti for his involvement.

“But give Tony Petitti a lot of credit for stepping in,” Finebaum said. “Why is he stepping in? Because everyone in the league other than Michigan apparently wants him to step in because the situation is that grave.”

Finebaum is anticipating some sort of suspension for Jim Harbaugh but still wonders if that’s enough justice.

“I think it looks very bad for Jim Harbaugh but what does bad mean? Does bad mean he misses a game or 2? As long as Michigan is still eligible for the playoffs then you have to wonder what is this really all about?,” Finebaum said. “…I think Harbaugh is very likely going to be suspended. I don’t know for how long. It’s sending a message but what kind of message is it really?”

Next up for Michigan is a road contest at No. 11 Penn State on Saturday (12 p.m. EST/FOX).