The hot seat in Ann Arbor has been on fire for some time with it reaching even greater heights after Week 4.

Over the weekend, Michigan was demolished at home by a Wisconsin team that had not played since Week 1. While many expected the game to be close as the Badgers dealt with rust, the exact opposite played out.

As Jim Harbaugh continues in what has been his worst season with the Wolverines, questions about his future will only continue. And should Michigan decide to move in a different direction for 2021, ESPN analyst David Pollack knows exactly who he would go after.

During Monday’s episode of the CFB Podcast, Pollack tabbed Matt Campbell of Iowa State as his first choice in Ann Arbor (comments transcribed by Garrett Stepien with 247 Sports):

“I like what you said, and I like the first name (of Matt Campbell),” Pollack said in a response to Kevin Neghandi. “And it’s nothing against Luke Fickell and his name, but I want a coach that’s proven to do more with less, OK? And I say that it’s important because guess what? Michigan’s not going to have better players than Ohio State. They’re not, OK? Ohio State recruits at a totally different level than anybody else in the Big Ten. It’s not even close.

“So I would just love to have somebody that’s proven, to go to a spot like Iowa State and create a tradition, create a culture, and create wins every year. Like, if we’re expected with our talent to win seven, we win nine. You know what I’m saying? And somebody that gets it, somebody that’s a good person, somebody that I can believe in consistently. So I think he’s the name that should be first, second, and third on the list for me.”

Pollack and the CFB Podcast crew are not the only ones tossing around potential replacements for Harbaugh. The Yahoo! College Podcast crew debated the same question on Sunday.

Will the Wolverines make a move? And if they do, who would be your choice to take over in Ann Arbor?