What was Michigan supposed to do this season?

Go undefeated, win the Big Ten and have a shot at a College Football Playoff. That’s what it was supposed to do.

But here we are, seven games later, and the Wolverines are 5-2 overall and are third in the Big Ten East. The chance at a CFB Playoff is essentially impossible and so is an appearance in the Big Ten Championship Game.

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So, what’s next for Michigan? Maybe more importantly, what’s next for Jim Harbaugh?

Well, according to a report, he may be out of Ann Arbor sooner rather than later:

“Lead FOX college football analyst Joel Klatt speculated last month Harbaugh could retire, but sources say the Harbaugh camp has its eye on a different departure. Sources tell FootballScoop that Harbaugh’s representatives have their eye on getting their client back in the NFL.”
If that’s the case, where could he go? Washington is certainly one available destination. Although, that franchise appears to want to make former Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins the man in charge. Would Harbaugh be down for that?
Who knows. It’s all speculation at this point. But for right now, the Harbaugh rumors will continue to surface. And, they’ll likely be surfacing for quite some time.