Shannon Sharpe isn’t buying into the claim that Michigan is America’s team.

Jim Harbaugh made the claim on Monday, a couple days after Sherrone Moore coached the team to win over Penn State.

Sharpe said that America doesn’t like cheaters and compared Harbaugh to sports figures like Sammy Sosa, Mark McGuire, Lance Armstrong, and some known cheaters others on Tuesday’s First Take.


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“He said they’re America’s team. Americans don’t like cheats. How does America feel about Lance Armstrong, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGuire, and the Houston Astros? Americans don’t like cheaters, they don’t,” said Sharpe. “They want to believe that what they’re seeing at home is that person beat you because he’s better than you, not because you did something that was against the rules.”

Sharpe also disagreed with Paul Finebaum and said that Harbaugh isn’t a likable coach.

I’m gonna disagree with you Paul, I don’t think he’s a very likable coach. His team likes him. Outside of that Michigan fanbase, I don’t think he’s very likable,” said Sharpe. “For him to say, ‘We’re America’s team and it’s us against the world.’  You created this. I feel bad for the kids who had their signs stolen and you had an unfair advantage.”

Harbaugh has 2 more games on his suspension. Michigan faces Maryland and Ohio State to end the year.