There may not be a team in college football that benefits more from a coaching staff addition than Michigan this year. The arrival of Josh Gattis has sparked incredible intrigue in the Wolverines’ once-sputtering offense.

During the week, BTN’s Bus Tour visited Ann Arbor to take in a Michigan practice and speak with some of the players and coaches. Of course, one of the talking points during the stop was about the new offense for the Wolverines.

Quarterback Shea Patterson and offensive lineman Jon Runyan both agree, the new scheme is “fast.”

When asked what’s different about it, both Patterson and Runyan both talked about the up-tempo, no-huddle style. It’s a much quicker pace than what the Wolverines have operated under in the previous four seasons under Jim Harbaugh. Both guys think it’s going to be a big benefit for the season.

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“So far, really exciting. Up tempo, we’re on the ball, it’s really quick, no thinking,” Runyan said. “We’re getting signals and calls and getting plays called in rapid succession. We’re hitting our stride right now and seeing this whole thing come together, really enjoying it.”

Patterson is also a fan of the new style and has given plenty of credit to Gattis.

“Coach Gattis has done a great job of coming in here and really harping on the scheme,” Patterson said. “All our position coaches are putting us in the right mindset to be in the right place. I just like how fast we’re going and putting guys in open space.”

Michigan’s offense hasn’t been poor during the Harbaugh era, but the Wolverines haven’t been able to take advantage of the speed and talent at the receiver position as much as they’d like. It doesn’t sound like that’ll be an issue this year.

Below is the full interview with Runyan and Patterson from BTN: