A tweet that appeared to be sent out from Shea Patterson’s Twitter account is almost certainly fake based on the account that reported on the incident.

On Sunday, College Football Quotes tweeted out that a message from Patterson’s Twitter account bashed both Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields and Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh. However, it appears that the College Football Quotes Twitter account made the whole thing up.

Below is the text from the tweet, shared by College Football Quotes:

“Patterson is going to be the best QB in the (Big Ten),” the tweet read. “Fields hasn’t even played a snap yet that kids so overrated. Shea would’ve won the Heisman last season if Harbaugh had let him call the plays.”

But that website has apparently made up quotes in the past. According to The Spun, College Football Quotes also made up a quote from Oregon head coach Mario Cristobal aimed to take a shot at Auburn. Shortly after it gained Internet fame, it was proven that quote was fake, as well.

So it appears that a potential tweet from Patterson is much to do about nothing.