TCU not only knew about Michigan’s efforts to steal signals, but it also had fakes ready to go for last season’s College Football Playoff semifinal game.

Yahoo! Sports’ Ross Dellenger reported on Thursday that TCU used dummy signals to try and trick Michigan last season. The Horned Frogs won the game 51-45 to advance to the CFP National Championship.

The allegations involve Michigan staffer Connor Stalions and an alleged plan to scout teams Michigan would play or might play. Reports allege that Stalions bought tickets to over 30 games in a three-year span to 11 different B1G schools.

Sonny Dykes and his staff came up with fake signals to throw off Stalions. The Horned Frogs threw Stalions off a few times during the game, according to a TCU staff member.

“The guy (Stalions) was wrong a couple of times,” one TCU staff member told Yahoo! Sports. “We rewatched the TV version of the game. You can see him standing next to the defensive coordinator. He tells something to the coordinator and he points in the air to mean pass. You can see the playsheet he’s holding with our hand signs on them.”

The latest addition to the ongoing story revealed that the NCAA was reportedly contacted by an outside firm with the news about Michigan’s alleged sign-stealing.