Tom Brady addressed the NFL’s referee problem after a string of controversial roughing-the-passer calls dominated social media following Week 5 of the NFL season. One was when Chris Jones made a strip sack on Derek Carr, and the other was when Grady Jarrett sacked Tom Brady.

Though they were pretty clearly bad calls, Tom Brady doesn’t think that they will ever go away, attributing the calls to human error (Via ProFootballTalk).

“No one wants any missed calls,” Brady said. “There’s a lot of things I see that are probably pretty challenging to officiate, probably pretty challenging to play defense with, so I don’t have the answers to all those. I don’t think the referees are robots, I don’t think they’re trying to get it wrong, I don’t think they’re always gonna get it right. I feel bad for a guy when they get called something that probably shouldn’t be that way. Sometimes you’ve just got to shake it off. I’ve lost super Bowls because I thought they missed a call. You’re going to get some, you’re going to not get some. You hope they don’t come up but they come up. It’s sports.”

The call gave Brady and the Bucs a crucial first down on third down after the Falcons had mounted a comeback and seemed to be looking at a potential game-winning drive. Instead, the Bucs were able to milk away the clock.

The consensus in the NFL world is that Brady seems to get all of the calls, so of course, he would downplay the situation. Either way, it was a bad call.