Tom Brady was everything you could ask a college quarterback to be at Michigan. He won, he was efficient and he earned himself a spot in the 2000 NFL Draft as a sixth-round selection.

Obviously, he has out-played that selection spot. We all know that by now.

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Here’s a stat to feast on before Brady takes the field for the New England Patriots Saturday night in a playoff game against the Tennessee Titans: In Brady’s career, he has 30 playoff wins. The other five AFC starting quarterbacks combined?

They have one.

Rumors have swirled that this could be Brady’s final game as a Patriot. His contract isn’t guaranteed for next season and he has said that he wants to keep playing. If the Patriots don’t want to pay him the money he could potentially make elsewhere, this could be it.

If Brady and the Patriots lose to the Titans, this could be his final game as a Patriot and his last at Foxboro Stadium. Crazy to believe, right?

Ahead of the matchup, set for 8:15 p.m. ET Saturday on CBS, Brady released a hype video on his Twitter account. He’s the lion. He’s the king.

No matter what happens Saturday night, he’s proven that: