Warde Manuel addressed the recent allegations regarding Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh.  A report came out on Thursday that Harbaugh had committed multiple NCAA rules violations.

Harbaugh reportedly contacted recruits during the COVID-19 dead period and used a defensive analyst for on-field coaching activities.

Manuel acknowledged that Michigan had been made known of the alleged violations. Manuel also stated that Michigan is cooperating with the NCAA on the investigation and will continue to do so. Manuel opted to make no further comments on the situation.

“Yesterday, we received draft allegations from the NCAA regarding our football program,” said Manuel. “We have cooperated and will continue to cooperate with this investigation. Out of respect to the NCAA’s enforcement process, we will not offer further comments.”

One of the penalties that Harbaugh could face for the violations is a multi-game suspension in 2023. Stay tuned for any more updates regarding the University of Michigan and Harbaugh’s allegations.