Michigan coach Mike Hart suddenly collapsed on the sideline in the 1st quarter of the game against Indiana.

Hart had to be carted off the field, but luckily the coach gave a thumbs-up as he was headed off. Michigan RBs Blake Corum and Donovan Edwards were visibly shaken up after seeing what happened to their position coach.

FOX’s Jenny Taft had the chance to speak with Jim Harbaugh at halftime and provided an update from the coach.

“Coach Harbaugh told me as he was walking on the field that the team did hear from Mike Hart in the locker room,” Taft explained. “He wanted to tell them that he’s doing okay, he’s with them in spirit. He didn’t want them to be thinking about him right now, and coach Harbaugh didn’t shy away that it has been emotional for the team. Right now, the message is win this for coach Hart.”

Michigan is currently engaged in a back-and-forth battle with Indiana. Michigan is up 17-10 halfway through the 3rd.