Brenda Tracy’s attorney, Karen Truszkowski, released a statement Tuesday on why Tracy went public with her recent allegations against Michigan State HC Mel Tucker.

Tucker has been suspended by Michigan State for “not living up to core values” set by the university. He is accused by Tracy of making sexual comments without her consent alongside other sexual misconduct allegations revealed in a MSU investigation.

The statement released Tuesday insists that Tracy never intended to disclose her identity to the public but that an “outside party” instead leaked her identity to local media. The statement also says Tracy chose to “proceed privately” with the process, but that choice “was taken away.”

You can find the full statement below.

The release did not name the identity of the “outside party.”

Tucker released a statement insisting that Tracy’s claims are “completely false” Monday afternoon. He insists the “intimate” acts brought up by Tracy were consensual and part of an “adult relationship” that included dozens of calls from 2021 to 2022.

He also claims there is instead an “ulterior motive” towards terminating his Michigan State contract.