We all know the gruff Sparty logo, right Michigan State fans?

It’s that old school look. Here you go:

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Up at the top right of the tweet above is that gruff Sparty look. We’ve seen it before and we’ll see it again.

We’ll actually see it again this upcoming college football season. Michigan State fans may have an issue with this, though, because it won’t be the green and white team representing the logo.

It will be San Jose State:

San Jose State is deeming the night as “Retro Night.” It does make sense. The San Jose State football team is the Spartans — just like Michigan State. And in fact, there’s some history with San Jose State:

Back in 1948, San Jose State used the same look. As the tweet above mentions as well, San Jose State named their stadium Spartan Stadium before Michigan State did.

There are no legitimate complications with San Jose State using this gruff Sparty helmet. It just won’t be received well by Michigan State fans.

After all, what’s better? That old Sparty look or this?