The reshuffling of Michigan State’s offensive staff has not looked great through three games.

The offensive woes initially hit the Spartans in 2018. Coming off a 10-win season in 2017, Michigan State saw its points per game drop from 24.8 to 18.7 in 2018. Most notably, the Spartans failed to eclipse seven points in four of the last seven games of the season.

Unfortunately, the offensive woes resurfaced in Saturday’s loss to Arizona State. Michigan State scored one lone touchdown in the fourth quarter in the midst of a 10-7 defeat. That makes it five times in the last 10 games that the Spartans have failed to eclipse seven points in a game.

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The loss is also notable as it drops Michigan State to near .500 since the 2015 B1G Championship. According to BiggerTen, the Spartans are 21-20 since that time:

In that stretch is the 2016 season where injuries and multiple issues led to a disastrous 3-9 record for Mark Dantonio and company. But the struggles of 2018 and in Week 3 cannot be overlooked.

Dantonio has been on an incredible run during his time with the Spartans, but there’s no denying the offense just isn’t getting it done. If this keeps up, failure to improve or make drastic changes to the offense could eventually prove to be his undoing in East Lansing.