Michigan State has released its findings from the investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against former head coach Mel Tucker.

According to Kenny Jacoby with USA Today, MSU released a 73-page report Wednesday afternoon that ruled Tucker has been found responsible for violating the school’s sexual harassment policy. MSU’s hearing officer indicated in the report that it was determined Tucker sexually harassed Brenda Tracy by masturbating without her consent and making sexual comments without her consent during an April 2022 call.

The hearing officer found that Tucker’s account of a romantic relationship and consensual “phone sex” was deemed less plausible, less consistent and less supported by the evidence than Tracy’s claims:

“In sum, considering all available evidence, the Resolution Officer finds, by a preponderance of the evidence, that there is sufficient evidence to conclude that Respondent subjected Claimant to unwelcome conduct based on sex when he FaceTime video called Claimant without a shirt on; when he attempted to meet up with Claimant alone following the Spring Game; and when he non-consensually masturbated and used graphic, sexual language on a phone call with Claimant.”

According to Jacoby, Tracy responded with “tears of relief” while Tucker was unable to be immediately reached for a comment.

“My first reaction was tears of relief,” Tracy said Wednesday, adding that the reporting process has “been a nightmare to navigate.”

Jacoby reports Tucker will have 10 days to file an appeal to the finding and could potentially argue unjust findings, that MSU did not follow its policies or that the investigator or hearing officer involved is biased. If a potential appeal is denied, Wednesday’s decision will be final.

Tucker has already been fired for cause by the university.