Michigan State has changed their helmet for this weekend’s game at Penn State.

At 2-4, there isn’t much to be excited about from Michigan State this season. But a new helmet is what the kids would say is ‘lit.’ The helmet incorporates the ‘Sparty’ mascot.

Not just ‘Sparty’ but in fact ‘Gruff Sparty’ in all his chiseled glory.

And San Jose State, they can’t take that away from East Lansing.

As noted in their social media unveiling, ‘Gruff Sparty’ is something that the fans have wanted for some time, a throwback and quite frankly, a cooler and edgier look to a uniform that can feel a bit bland. It is the kind of move that can create a little excitement, get some buzz on the recruiting trail and help fans forget for a moment a disappointing first season under head coach Mel Tucker.

This is not the first time this season that the Spartans have gone throwback. Earlier this season, they used uniforms inspired from the Big Ten championship team in 1987 .