One Michigan State trustee is calling for an investigation after Brenda Tracy alleged her name was leaked to the media.

Over the weekend, reports surfaced that Tracy has alleged sexual harassment on the part of head coach Mel Tucker. In a Tuesday statement, Tracy’s attorney released a statement on the timing of Tracy going public with her allegations.

According to that statement, Tracy did not have intentions of publicly disclosing her identity. She has been committed to complying with MSU’s internal investigative process and had no intention of disclosing anything publicly but had her right to confidentiality “violated” per the statement.

Now, MSU Trustee Dianne Byrum is calling for an investigation into that alleged leake as of Wednesday.

“I am disturbed and outraged by recent reports indicating the name of a claimant in a sexual harassment investigation was intentionally released in an apparent effort to retaliate against her,” said Byrm via statement. “We should unequivocally condemn attempts to silence or retaliate against victims.

“I call on Michigan State University to thoroughly investigate these troubling allegations and hold anyone who is found to have leaked or released the claimant’s name accountable. We need to do everything in our power to ensure victims of sexual assault and abuse can come forward without fear or intimidation and have full confidence their identities and private information will be kept confidential.”

Byrum also acknowledged the university “has not been as transparent as it should’ve” during past times of crisis.

(H/T Kenny Jacoby)