Michigan State’s home game against No. 8 Northwestern has been shifted to ESPN, so it’s even more fitting that the Spartans will make a bold impression when they try to pull off an upset.

Michigan State revealed the Spartans are bringing back much-discussed neon jerseys for the showdown against Northwestern.

Well…those are definitely eye-catching. These are the kind of jerseys you either love or hate. There’s no gray area. Besides Michigan State fans, it seems like the rest of the nation resoundingly hates these wacky uniforms.

They give off a Seahawks vibe but the problem is that Michigan State doesn’t have half the swag. So while you can give the Spartans kudos for taking a big swing, it’s still a fashion strikeout. But hey, maybe they’ll blind Northwestern and the refs a couple of times, so at least there’s that.

Meanwhile, Northwestern is opting for a more conservative set for Saturday’s game.

Michigan State leads the all-time series 38-20 and won last season’s meeting against Northwestern.