Michigan State advanced in the B1G Tournament with a win over Maryland, though that win was not without plenty of drama.

During the second half, the Spartans built a 20-point lead over the Terrapins. But instead of cruising to a big win, Michigan State watched that lead evaporate.

A big reason for that turnaround in the game was a press defense employed by Maryland. Under the press, Michigan State looked confused and disoriented while making a number of costly turnovers.

After the game, Tom Izzo shouldered the blame for that stretch by the Spartans while giving plenty of props to Danny Manning:

“It was ridiculous what we did at the end,” Izzo admitted. “I’m gonna take total fault for it. Danny Manning deserves (the Maryland job). He did a helluva lot better job than I did. That was just ridiculous. The turnovers we made were insane.”

Izzo also admitted that Michigan State will have to play better moving forward but felt there were stretched where the Spartans looked great:

“We gotta play a lot better, and yet at times in this game, we played damn good,” said Izzo. “It’s just disappointing that we can’t sustain.”

Now, Michigan State will move on and face 2-seed Wisconsin Friday evening.