The battle for the Floyd of Rosedale Trophy between Iowa and Minnesota is traditionally a matchup of ground-and-pound football, especially between two teams that like to run the ball majority of the time. In this year’s game, No. 20 Iowa took down Minnesota at home 27-22 to win a 7th consecutive matchup in the rivalry series.

Minnesota head coach P.J. Fleck is facing heavy criticism for the way he approached the game vs. the Hawkeyes. In particular, Fleck was criticized by Minnesota media members for being too conservative and not taking big risks.

Fleck has answered back against some of the criticism that came his way by saying that going for it on fourth down in the second quarter wasn’t too conservative. That play would go for a big touchdown to Ko Kieft, but Minnesota was left looking for more big plays in the loss.

Fleck has not beaten Iowa since he has become the head coach of Minnesota. They will look to bounce back on the road in Week 12 vs. Indiana (2-8).