The ongoing back-and-forth between Nebraska and Akron following the cancellation of Saturday night’s head-to-head matchup has reached fascinating levels.

Earlier this week, Nebraska confirmed that the game with Akron was unable to be rescheduled due to accommodation issues at a nearby hotel. The Huskers and athletic director Bill Moos had hoped to play the game sometime in the late morning or early afternoon on Sunday.

But the two sides were never able to reach an agreement.

Wednesday, Moos met with the media to discuss the situation and confirmed that Nebraska did offer dorm rooms and a Marriott-catered meal for Akron players, coaches and staff if the Zips would agree to play the following day. But again, no deal was reached.

Asked to add a comment to those accommodations, Akron AD Larry Williams scoffed at the idea.

“That’s not a commercially reasonable accommodation,” Williams said, according to Mitch Sherman of ESPN. “Think about it, would Nebraska sleep in the dorms at Michigan?”

Williams also said that playing Nebraska on Sunday without proper accommodations was against the health and well-being of the players.

“Our kids were devastated,” he said. “They said they would sleep on the floor. They’d sleep on the bus. But the reality is that we have an obligation as administrators to make sure that we look out for their best interest.”

Due to the cancellation, Nebraska has just 11 games on its schedule, something that Moos wants to change. He’s hoping he can add Akron to the schedule at a later date, potentially Oct. 27 or Dec. 1, if possible.

Oct. 27 is a bye week for the Huskers and Dec. 1 is the Saturday of the B1G Championship Game.

Can the two schools come to a scheduling agreement? It may be a little more difficult now as there appears to be some ongoing friction between the two athletic departments.