Nebraska and Akron were supposed to meet in Week 1 to kick off the 2018 season.

That game of course didn’t happen due to weather. It was a bummer, but, the Cornhuskers had to start looking to find another team to add to their schedule.

They did so, by getting Bethune-Cookman to go to Lincoln on Oct. 27. Akron wanted to reschedule with Nebraska, though, for Dec. 1. Scott Frost didn’t like that idea.

He said he didn’t want his kids thinking they weren’t going to be in the Big Ten Championship this year.

It’s a stretch, but OK, it makes sense. It’s Akron. Whatever.

Akron athletic director Larry Williams didn’t think Frost was telling the truth about his reasoning for not scheduling the Zips again.

In an interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer — after he mentioned that lawyers were being involved regarding money for the cancelled game — he had this to say:

“They didn’t want to compete at our level,” Williams said.

Well, that’s certainly another way to look at it. Nebraska competes in the Big Ten. They weren’t scared to take on Akron again, and Frost explained why.

After all, Nebraska initially wanted to play the Zips on Sunday, the day directly after the cancellation.

Akron said no.