Nebraska and Akron really wanted to play that Week 1 matchup. Unfortunately, due to inclement weather and some issues with hotel accommodations, both programs have to wait awhile longer to start the 2018 season.

On Monday, contract  details of the scheduled meeting between the two teams was obtained by the Omaha World-Herald. Though the full agreement is much longer, there were two sections that were particularly important, and why both Nebraska and Akron tried to work things out.

From the agreement:

9. This Agreement shall be void in the event it becomes impossible to play the game by reason of disaster, fire, hurricane, tropical storm, flood, earthquake, war, act of terrorism, invasion, hostilities, rebellion, insurrection, confiscation by order of government, military public authority, or prohibitory or injunctive order of any competent judicial or other governmental authority.

10. Either party failing to produce its team to play the scheduled game for reasons other than those stipulated in paragraph 9, shall pay the party not at fault the sum of $1,000,000.00 as liquidated damages plus any expenses incurred in pursuance of this Agreement by the party not at fault, which sum shall be payable on or before March 1, the year following the scheduled game.

Pretty detailed stuff.

Neither side wanted Saturday’s matchup to be cancelled, but, in the end, there just wasn’t a good solution to the issue. Fortunately, neither school is out $1 million for because of the decision.

Nebraska will now open the 2018 season on Saturday against Colorado.