Kirk Herbstreit has played college football, been around the sport for a long time and has been an analyst at ESPN for seemingly forever.

Herbstreit has seen a lot, and in 2007, was in Lincoln, Neb. Herbstreit saw the facility upgrade the Huskers did back in 2006, and was impressed then. The analyst visited Lincoln a week ago because of College GameDay and saw Nebraska get crushed by Ohio State.

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But aside from the game itself, Herbstreit learned about the $155 million facility upgrade that is set to be completed in June, 2022.

“We were here in ’07, and in ’06 they just opened those facilities,” Herbstreit said.”So my thought is, ‘Look at this brand new facility.’ When I come back in 2019, I’m thinking the facilities are still really nice. And then he said, ‘You know, we’re getting ready to announce a new facility.’ It just kind of tells you where we are in the arms race of big-time college football. They’re huge. Because it shows recruits the commitment. It shows recruits also great value in being able to utilize these facilities. It’s not just like it’s for recruits to see: ‘There they are. Isn’t that great? OK, now stay away. We’re done. You’re not allowed to use it.’ You get to use them. They’re for you as a player.”

Herbstreit brings up the point that the facility upgrades just show players that Nebraska is serious. It is serious about winning, serious about making life better for the players and serious about not falling behind anybody else.

Nebraska hosts Northwestern on Saturday for a 4 p.m. ET kickoff with the game set to be televised on FOX.