There are a lot of Cornhuskers jumping to the defense of Scott Frost and the Nebraska football program.

After a second-straight five-point loss on Saturday, this time to Troy, there were some disgruntled Husker fans who were upset at the team’s lack of immediate success. The 0-2 start wasn’t what they had envisioned when Frost made his return to Lincoln.

Nebraska running back Wyatt Mazour issued a statement after the loss, promising Husker fans that things will be corrected. Former cornerback Fabian Washington told everyone criticizing Frost and the team to “relax.” And now, legenendary and former volleyball coach, Terry Pettit, is leaping in on the action.

Pettit’s response was very detailed and thoughtful, telling fans, very politely, to have a little more faith rather than jump to conclusions after a two-game sample size.

“It is a mistake to think that any coach in any sport is more than just that: a coach, not a savior, not a magician, not someone who can make every right move that fits our sense of timing,” Pettit wrote. “Some of the same people who like to deify a coaching hire, are the first to complain when things go wrong because they have a skewed sense of their own identity.”

Pettit went on to praise Frost, saying that he believes Nebraska is fortunate to have him and that he’s a great fit for the university.

He concluded his statement with a quote about patience.

“John Wooden is famous for saying ‘be quick but not in a hurry.’ That’s great advice for everyone moving forward.”