Mickey Joseph is trying to lead Nebraska forward in the post-Scott Frost era, and he’s not putting up with claims of a losing culture for the program.

Ochaun Mathis, TCU transfer spoke up on this transition, mentioning how the Huskers need to change their “losing culture.” According to Mathis, a number of players don’t even know what it looks like to win.

Nebraska’s associate head coach, Mickey Joseph will be the interim head coach for the remainder of the season for the Huskers.

During Joseph’s live press conference he weighed in on comments that Mathis mentioned, referring to the “losing culture.”

Joseph recognized that the Huskers have not been winning, but wanted to emphasize that they do not have a “losing culture.”

The game plan for the Huskers to get over the “hump” is to work together as a team.

“I know you’re hurting, Frost was like a brother to me,” Joseph said on moving forward for the Huskers.  “He gave me the opportunity to come here and coach at my alma mater, the University of Nebraska… at the end of the day that ball is gonna kick off on Saturday. So mentally we had to get them back and get them ready.”