There’s been a bit of a standoff between Nebraska and the B1G over the last two days. After the conference said it was postponing the 2020 college football season, the school issued a statement calling the decision “disappointing” and that it would continue to pursue opportunities to play football.

Many blew Nebraska’s frustration out of proportion, claiming that the Huskers planned to leave the B1G and join another league. Those comments were never made, but the school simply stated it would pursue opportunities to play football in the fall, if possible.

On Wednesday, University of Nebraska Chancellor Ronnie Green and President Ted Carter released a statement showing its commitment to the B1G.

“The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a fully committed member of the Big Ten Conference. It is an unparalleled athletic and academic alliance,” the statement read. “We have the greatest fans in college athletics. This has been a difficult and disappointing week for the Husker family. We all look forward to the day when we can cheer on our student-athletes, on the field and in the arena.”

Nebraska has caught plenty of heat for its so-called “resistance” to the B1G’s decision on Tuesday. ESPN personalities Paul Finebaum, Michael Wilbon and Desmond Howard have all criticized the Huskers, essentially saying they should be kicked out of the league.

Clearly, that’s not what Nebraska wants. And it appears the school is still attempting to play some sort of football in the fall. Earlier this week, it was reported that North Dakota State reached out to Nebraska about playing a game this fall in Lincoln.

Whether or not the Huskers suit up this fall will remain to be seen.