Nebraska’s head coaching search for a replacement for Scott Frost is underway, and AD Trev Alberts announced Sunday that the Huskers will enlist outside help for the national search.

It will be an interesting search to follow, but one report has already listed a “primary target” for Alberts. According to that report, Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell will be the first choice for the Huskers.

If Campbell is Nebraska’s target, it could be good news for the program. According to a report by Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports, Campbell has an interest in Nebraska.

Per Dodd, Campbell had previously only shown an interest in leaving Iowa State if Ohio State or Notre Dame jobs were open. Dodd also reported Campbell likely needs to produce a solid season with the Cyclones in 2022 to get an offer from Nebraska:

Several sources have told CBS Sports that Campbell is interested in Nebraska… But Campbell has to get to a certain level this season to be in the mix. That means 6-6 or even 7-5 might not be good enough for Nebraska, which absolutely has to hit a home run this time around. Campbell (10-7 in his last 17 games) may have simply hit his ceiling at Iowa State. Prior to this development, insiders were saying Campbell was interested in only two jobs: Ohio State and Notre Dame. Both are filled at the moment.

Campbell has gone 44-34 with the Cyclones since 2016 but has gone just 9-6 since a 9-3 season in 2020.