Nebraska is 4-3 overall going into its Big Ten matchup against Indiana this weekend.

Kickoff is slated for 3:30 p.m. ET with the game being held at Memorial Stadium. The game will be televised on BTN.

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For the game against the 5-2 overall Hoosiers, Nebraska is making the weekend as a whole “walk-on weekend.” The planned numbers, according to Mike Schaefer of 247Sports, are 22 potential walk-on candidates.

For most football teams, in order to create the depth necessary to run practices (or even games), walk-ons must be had. At Nebraska, it’s no different.

Will all 22 of the candidates choose to walk-on at Nebraska? Of course not. But will a whole weekend being dedicated to them help the Huskers’ cause down the line?

It only seems likely.

“We did this last year too,” said Trent Mossbrucker, Nebraska’s director of football and recruiting administration. “We wanted to continue it this year too. We bring the guests in a little earlier than everybody else to our team room. They’ll arrive before the team arrives. Then Frost and Barrett Rudd will speak to them for five to 10 minutes apiece right before we go out on the field. We’ll take them down to the Hawks Championship Center and have a meal with them.

“The big difference is getting them in front of the head coach. The last time they’ve been specifically in front of the head coach was junior day this year or the year before, so it’s been awhile. Getting them in front of a head coach on the day of the game is important I think.”