Nebraska and Akron were scheduled to play Saturday night to open up the 2018 season.

The Cornhuskers and Zips of course didn’t get the chance to play in that game. Thanks, weather.

Nebraska and Akron then went back-and-forth, trying to figure out if the two teams could play on Sunday instead. Nebraska athletic director Bill Moos released a statement regarding the matter and Akron athletic director Larry Williams sent out a statement soon afterward.

In the end, the game has been canceled and no make-up date has been reported. Williams mentioned accommodation issues as well as more potential weather concerns on Sunday, so the team left Lincoln.

Nebraska truly did try and make the situation work for Akron, though. The team even tried to get Akron to stay in empty dorm rooms in campus to make a game on Sunday possible.

That wasn’t good enough.

The two schools still may play this season, but nothing is official yet. Nebraska and Akron talked about a potential Week 14 matchup if bowl implications are present at that time.