Nebraska is off to one of the worst starts in program history. In fact, a loss to Northwestern on Saturday would be the first time the team has ever started 0-6.

The struggles for the Huskers have become such a broad topic of conversation that even the President of the United States is weighing in. And he’s urging Scott Frost to get things moving.

Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump was in Council Bluffs, Iowa, for a rally. The town is close to the Nebraska border, and is actually the same city where a local bar is offering free beer to Husker fans if the team wins a game. During his address, Trump took a few seconds to focus on former head coach Tom Osborne and the state of Nebraska football.

“Where’s Tom Osborne?” Trump said. “Oh where is he? Where’s tom Osborne? I don’t know Tom Osborne. All I know, it’s Tom Osborne, right? All I know is for years all he knew how to do was win. Just win. I mean how good a coach was that guy? You know there’s a guy, again, I don’t know him. Never met him. But it’s called no talk all action. Isn’t that nice? Now all you did every year, you won.

“You better get going Nebraska.”

Nebraska will have an opportunity to post its first win of the Scott Frost era on Saturday against Northwestern.

Despite the 0-5 start, Frost said that he’s starting to see improvements with his team and a change in the attitude among players.