Scott Frost was fired by Nebraska over 2 months ago as a disappointing tenure as Cornhuskers head coach came to an end. But with the release of a metrics document detailing the guidelines Frost had established with athletics director Trev Alberts in order to retain his job, some previously-unknown information has come to light.

According to the Omaha World-Herard and Lincoln Journal-Star, sister publications in the state of Nebraska, the metrics document stated that an NCAA violation Frost committed in 2020 couldn’t be used as grounds for his firing. The violation itself was minor and involved a special teams analyst that was allowed to provide “technical or tactical instruction to student-athletes during practices and film sessions” as well as during games. Frost and the program were penalized in May 2022 as a result, including a fine of $10,000 and a show cause order.

“Alberts agreed not to fire Frost for NCAA violations he committed in the mismanagement of a special teams analyst during the 2020 season,” the World-Herald’s Sam McKeown wrote.

If Alberts were to fire Frost for the violations, Frost would still be owed his entire buyout as the termination wouldn’t be considered within the guidelines of a “for-cause” firing, per his contract.

Frost was 16-31 at Nebraska, including a 10-26 mark in B1G play.