Head coach Scott Frost saw something he didn’t like on the video of Adrian Martinez’s leg injury that forced the freshman quarterback to leave the game early. After seeing replay, Nebraska has decided to turn that video over to the B1G and Pac-12.

Martinez took a nasty hit and landed awkwardly after a run in last week’s game against Colorado. But there’s been some discussion about whether a Buffaloes defender got a little carried away after the play.

Frost said it’s impossible to know whether the action was intentional or not, but based on what he’s seen, he believes the play should be reviewed.

“You never want to think anyone on a football field would intentionally try to hurt someone else,” Frost said in his Monday press conference. “Nobody who does that, knows what the intentions were. I will tell you that we have an angle that doesn’t look very good. So, we’ve turned the play into the B1G and Pac-12 and we’ll see where it goes from there.”

“You have guys that reach and grab in bad places under the pile and guys stepping on you with cleats. Again, I don’t know what the intentions were, I just know that the angle I’ve seen, which I don’t think is out there, doesn’t look very good at all. Everyone is going to have to make their own determination.”

We don’t know the camera angle that Frost is talking about, but another field-view camera angle of the play surfaced after the game, and that didn’t look very good, either.

Frost did announce that Martinez will be day-to-day and does have an opportunity to make an appearance in Saturday’s game against Troy, though it’s still too early to make a determination on that.

Regardless of whether Martinez plays next week or not, a day-to-day update is about as positive as you could ask right now.