Are you a Scott Frost fan?

Because Tim Brando is. That’s for sure.

Brando made it known on Saturday — prior to Nebraska’s game against Akron that never took place — about his high regard for Frost. Brando was on the call for Nebraska-Akron and said that Frost will be the most impactful D-I coach in college football since Nick Saban at Alabama.

That’s some high praise.

But on Sunday, Brando backed up his thoughts once more:

Not only will Frost win multiple national titles and compete for a Big Ten title within 3 years of taking over Nebraska, but he could also be the next generation’s Nick Saban. That’s big.

If Frost were to duplicate what Saban has done, that would mean the Cornhuskers would at some point win 5 national titles over a 9-year stretch. I think every Nebraska fan and their mother would be just fine with that kind of success.