Trev Alberts made a statement after hearing about the news of Mickey Joseph’s arrest on Wednesday. Joseph was arrested on suspicion of strangulation and third-degree domestic assault.

Alberts noted that he was made aware of the situation and that Joseph will be placed on administrative leave. Albert declined from making any other comments about the arrest.

“I was made aware of the charges against Coach Joseph and given the nature of the allegations on University policy he has been placed on administrative leave,” said Alberts. “We will have no additional comments at this time.”

Officers with the Lincoln Police Department had an investigation at a separate residence from where Joseph was at the time and ultimately arrested after what they found.

This comes shortly after Joseph ended his tenure as interim HC at Nebraska. His last game against Iowa was a 24-17 Nebraska win.

We’ll keep you posted on if any other people tied to the Nebraska football program comment on the situation.