Another lawsuit has been filed in the aftermath of a hazing scandal at Northwestern. According to one report, this latest lawsuit alleges some assistant coaches were subject to hazing at the hands of football players.

Tom Schad with USA TODAY reports a 4th player has filed a lawsuit as of Monday, this time on behalf of former QB and WR Lloyd Yates. That lawsuit alleges assistant coaches were “ran” by players on multiple occasions. The practice of “running” involved players holding an individual down and rubbing their genital areas against the nonconsenting individual.

Yates’ lawsuit alleges at least one specific hazing incident that involved an assistant coach. That incident involved a strength and conditioning assistant coach being “ran” on the field in front of the team and coaching staff:

“During a training session during the Fall of 2015 or Spring of 2016, a strength and conditioning coach was ‘ran’ by members of the football team, on the field, in front of the entire team and coaching staff,” the lawsuit alleges.

What’s next?

So far, 4 former players have filed lawsuits against Northwestern, but the lawsuits are not limited to the football program. As of Monday, one former volleyball player has filed a lawsuit alleging hazing occurred during her time in the program.