In the weeks leading up to the NFL Draft, there were some character questions regarding Nick Bosa. It had nothing to do with any actions he had off the field, but related to some of the political tweets he made.

Because of some of the pro-Donald Trump messages he made public, Bosa decided to delete the tweets before the NFL Draft. When asked why he decided to remove those thoughts from his Twitter account, the former Ohio State defensive end said it was because he could get drafted by San Francisco.

While deleting those tweets might’ve been the smart decision for Bosa, nothing that he posted really crossed the mind of the San Francisco 49ers front office. Team president Al Guido said he and general manager John Lynch weren’t too worried about the tweets.

“Not at all,” Guido told Bloomberg’s Business of Sports. “It doesn’t mean we didn’t do background on the kid, doesn’t mean we didn’t bring it up and ask him the question, but look — if we’re going to get in a world where we’re not drafting Republicans or not drafting Democrats…The way that I think about it is, ‘he’s a young kid, he had a perspective.’ That perspective is fine, some of the other stuff he did I think was a little insensitive and needs to learn from.”

The 49ers decided to draft Bosa with the No. 2 pick in the NFL Draft. He was the highest-drafted Buckeye in two decades, when Orlando Pace was drafted No. 1 overall in 1997.

Guido says that, when it came to draft night, the organization was more concerned about the person they were drafting than his political views.

“Honestly, I spent no time worrying about it,” Guido said. “I know [general manager] John Lynch spent no time worrying  about it. We worry about the kid himself, not necessarily his political leanings.”