CJ Stroud could be in line for some positive news after a major blockbuster deal was reported on Friday.

According to various sources, the Chicago Bears are trading the No. 1 overall pick to the Carolina Panthers for a package of assets. With Carolina paying such a heavy price, many are speculating the Panthers will take their top pick from the star-studded group of quarterback prospects available.

For much of the offseason, Alabama’s Bryce Young has been the betting favorite to become the top pick of the draft. Following the trade, that number has significantly swung in favor of Stroud.

Stroud has quickly jumped to -175 and then to -225 odds to become the top pick in the draft as of 6:23 pm ET per DraftKings.com. Bryce Young is now second in odds to be the top pick at +175.

Fans and media were also among those to quickly connect the dots that Stroud could be the QB on Carolina’s radar after a dynamite showing at the NFL Combine:

Outlook for Stroud

Should Stroud go No. 1 overall, he would become the 4th No. 1 pick all-time for the Buckeyes. The most recent No. 1 pick from Ohio State was Orlando Pace in the 1997 NFL Draft.

As for Stroud’s prospects with the Panthers, that would be tougher to project. Carolina is in a full rebuild mode, and giving up a big package of picks could put the team thin on help for a young QB as he looks to start his career.