Chase Young’s suspension is finalized. He is serving a two-game suspension and it ends this weekend when Ohio State plays Rutgers.

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When he comes back, will he still dominate the way he was prior to his suspension? He led the country in sacks (13.5) prior to his suspension.

But even now, he still leads America.

He was that dominant and his Heisman odds kept improving as the season went on. Now, however, with missing two games, there’s no question that it will affect his final stat-line.

Despite that, Ohio State AD Gene Smith still believes he belongs in New York with whoever the other Heisman Trophy finalists end up being:

“I think he deserves to be in New York,” said Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith, who played on a national championship-winning defensive line at Notre Dame in the 1970s. “And I was fortunate. I was a roommate of a defensive end who ended up in New York, a guy by the name of Ross Browner. He ended up in New York and Chase reminds me of him. In the collegiate space, he was so disruptive and Chase is that type of player. He is so disruptive.

“One of the things we did talk to him about is, ‘Stay in shape because if you come back, you’ve got to come back like you were. I remember that conversation with Ryan. It was like, ‘Okay, you’ve got to work out.’”

Smith also called Young the best player in college football:

“I think he deserves to be there,” Smith repeated. “You’re talking about the best player in all of college football. I think that’s frankly, in my own opinion, with the Heisman we’re going to lean toward the quarterback, we’re going to lean to the running back, we’re going to lean to that but there’s a lot of defensive players that I think should be considered and he’s certainly one of them. So hopefully he can get back in the conversation.”

We’ll be able to see Young in action again when Ohio State hosts Penn State next weekend.