Kevin Warren’s open letter to the B1G community is not good enough for Randy Wade. The father of Ohio State start cornerback Shaun Wade still isn’t happy with the response from the B1G commissioner and conference presidents in regards to canceling the football season.

Wade has been organizing a peaceful protest outside the B1G headquarters in Chicago. His goal is to get more answers from Warren, who has not provided much transparency regarding the decision-making process. And Warren’s statement that he issued on Wednesday afternoon — eight days after the decision — still isn’t enough for Wade.

“It’s going down now,” Wade told ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg. “I had one poster made. I’m going to have two now.”

In other words, the protest is still on.

Wade has gained support from other Ohio State parents, as well as other parent groups across the B1G. On Twitter, Wade said he’s received support from Iowa, Nebraska, Penn State and Purdue.

“I thought about it, you have to make people uncomfortable for them to come out of their shells and feel forced to say something,” Wade told Tony Gerdeman of Buckeye Scoop. “So I’m like, you know what, maybe we can get some people to just go up there and just make him a little uncomfortable so he can speak out and say something.”