ESPN’s top college football analyst is weighing in on the situation at Ohio State involving head coach Urban Meyer.

Thursday, Kirk Herbstreit broke his silence regarding Ohio State’s decision to place Meyer on paid administrative leave after a report surfaced stating the Buckeyes leader had knowledge of the domestic violence incidents involving former assistant coach Zach Smith. It was the first time the college football analyst commented on the matter.

“Just a whirlwind, just unbelievable within 24 hours that you can be a head coach…be one of the best coaches in the nation…and within 24 hours, it’s chaos, and for good reason,” Herbstreit said on the 6 p.m. edition of SportsCenter. “We’re kind of waiting to hear from Ohio State and Urban Meyer and Gene Smith.”

Herbstreit was asked what he thought of Meyer’s comments at B1G Media Days last week, claiming that the reports against Smith were “unfounded.”

“It’s one thing for Urban Meyer to go to Chicago and answer those questions…when he said, ‘who makes up those stories?’ it left Brett McMurphy in a position.”

Despite the unbelievably bad look the last 24 hours has give Meyer and Ohio State, Herbstreit isn’t ready to ostracize the Buckeyes’ head coach from college football yet. At least until he learns more about the situation.

“Slow down, let all the information come in,” Herbstreit said. “I want more information to come in. I want to see how Urban responds.”

Meyer and Ohio State issued statements on Wednesday, following the school’s decision to place him on administrative leave. He has not made any further comments on the situation.