Mike Greenberg, like many fans, has seen enough when it comes to the Chicago Bears organization. In fact, Greenberg unloaded like few others on the organization’s complete ineptitude to develop a quarterback, including current starter Justin Fields.

The former Ohio State star has had a rough start with the Bears going 0-2 to open the NFL season. Fields also caught flack for recent comments about Chicago’s coaching, comments he quickly tried to walk back.

During Friday’s broadcast of ESPN’s “Get Up,” Greenberg acknowledged that Fields cannot criticize the organization but said someone needs to. Here’s what he had to say:


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“Justin Fields can’t blame the organization, but I can. This is a leaderless, rudderless, complete organizational failure,” said Greenberg. “They drafted a kid named Mitch Trubisky in 2017. Their coach at that time didn’t believe in him so they fired him and brought in Matt Nagy. Nagy came in and was not attached to Trubisky in any way, didn’t believe in Trubisky at all, brought in Nick Foles. Absolutely ruined any chance Mitch Trubisky had at being a decent QB. They decide to move on. Instead of getting rid of the coach and starting all over again, they draft Justin Fields, give Matt Nagy one more year for no obvious reason when everyone knew he had no chance. Then they fire him and bring in another new coach who has no allegiance to the QB.

“It adds up in the last 5 years to 2 first-round QBs who came in with a lot of potential and leading got coaching and got NONE of it. So Justin Fields may or may not have been destined to be a great NFL QB, but he’s been given absolutely no chance. And if he can’t say it because that’s a QB’s unwritten code, someone needs to say it.”

Greenberg went on to label Chicago a dumpster fire with total incompetence for ruining Fields:

“They are ruining that kid because of complete organizational incompetence. That place is a dumpster fire,” Greenberg continued. “…This is a disaster. Look, I get Justin Fields shouldn’t say it, but to be completely honest with you, I don’t blame him. Everything they’re doing is wrong, and only a tiny little bit of it is his fault.”

As Greenberg notes, it is hard to tell if any player is ever destined to be a star. However, it is clear Chicago has not prioritized developing Fields or given him a lot to work with in his brief stint with the organization.

We’ll see if that changes throughout the season, but the early results are not great. Here is the full segment from Get Up, Greenberg’s harshest comments begin around the 8:31 mark: