RJ Young does not believe Ohio State should have been bumped from the No. 1 overall spot in the College Football Playoff rankings. However, that’s what the committee opted to do, elevating Georgia to the top spot in Tuesday’s rankings despite Ohio State continuing to win.

Following the first movement at the top of the CFP rankings, Young specifically noted Ohio State didn’t do anything wrong while beating Michigan State 38-3 in Week 11. That included Ryan Day’s team pulling the starters early in the second half.

“We’ve got movement at the top for the first time this season by the College Football Playoff committee. They have chosen to flop Ohio State — who did nothing wrong — to 2,” said Young. “And Georgia — who beat the breaks off of Ole Miss — to 1. And they still don’t have any respect for Washington.”

Young did admit that Georgia is starting to live up to expectations late in the season, but that doesn’t take away from Ohio State’s continued wins. He also pointed out how the Bulldogs appear to benefit from the wins of a Mizzou team they recently beat.

Okay, I understand for the last couple of weeks, it feels like the Georgia football team we’ve expected for the entire year has started to show up… But I don’t think Ohio State deserved this. Based on the committee’s own criteria, they did nothing wrong,” Young explained. “They are 10-0 and they have beaten everybody on their schedule.

“It feels like because Michigan beat Penn State the way they did, Penn State is no longer looked at as one of the better teams in college football, and Missouri somehow got a bounce from beating a Tennessee team… It feels like Georgia is benefitting from whoever Missouri beats.”

At the end of the day, Ohio State’s standing as a Playoff team is firm provided the Buckeyes continue to win.