Edit: The story originally ran with the headline “Shelley Meyer reportedly contacted OSU insider Jeff Snook Saturday.” The headline has been updated to clarify that Meyer did not initiate contact.

Another report surfaced Saturday as the ordeal at Ohio State continues.

It all started with a report from sportswriter Jeff Snook that claimed Texas head coach Tom Herman was the tipster that began Brett McMurphy’s investigation. Similar to McMurphy, Snook shared his report via his personal Facebook page.

Snook is a journalism graduate of OSU who has written multiple books on the Buckeyes. McMurphy did respond to the report and claimed Herman was not his source.

Snook later updated his report on Saturday to include a text message that he reportedly received from Shelley Meyer. According to Snook, she thanked him for his integrity but had no comment to give:

“I really do appreciate you doing your job with integrity and checking on all the points, unlike some others,” Shelley said, via text. “I just can’t comment and I am very sorry. Thank u.”

The investigation surrounding Urban Meyer is likely to be concluded sometime this week.

You can read Snook’s full post here.