There’s no denying Dwayne Haskins has serious arm talent as a quarterback, but he has been off to a rough start to his NFL career.

Some of the troubles for Haskins came off the field in 2020. It started with a report that he violated team protocols during the season and lost his captain’s role as a result. What followed was a dismal performance on the field before Washington eventually released him less than two years after taking him in the first round.

Now, Haskins is with the Pittsburgh Steelers after signing a one-year deal in the offseason. He will get the opportunity to work alongside quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and under head coach Mike Tomlin, something Tomlin was asked about Wednesday.

According to Steelers reporter Missi Mathews, Tomlin indicated he is currently more concerned with Haskins’ development as a person and how that affects his football:

Haskins also said he is eager for the chance to prove to the Steelers organization that he loves football:

Hopefully, Tomlin and Pittsburgh can help Haskins find his feet as an NFL player. So far it is good to see they are actively trying to work on his total development and invest in his well-being.

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