If you’re a B1G fan still hopeful for the conference to lift its restrictions on prohibiting fan attendance for the 2020 football season, then you might have some reason for optimism. Though, it is 2020, so try not to get your hopes up too high.

Speaking with reporters on Monday, Ohio State athletic director said that the B1G is continuing to monitor the situations across the conference’s footprint. That could leave the door open for the league to allow fans in some capacity in the future.

However, the plan to prohibit fan attendance probably won’t be lifted until at least after Week 1. Smith also said the conference plans to have all schools play by the same rules.

On Monday, Ohio State announced that it has set its capacity for 1,600, which includes players and stadium staff. Northwestern is expecting somewhere between 1,000 and 1,100 fans for this weekend’s game. Plus, the B1G has supplied each school with a track of crowd noise that each stadium is permitted to play.

It’s certainly going to be a different year in the B1G.

But there’s still some hope that fans could be able to sit inside a stadium at some point in the season. And some hope is better than none at all.