College football writers across the country certainly had something to write about Friday morning. The story about Chase Young being indefinitely suspended took the CFB world by storm.

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Young and his attorney are working with the NCAA to get him back onto the field as soon as possible. The No. 1-ranked Buckeyes — and Young of course — are hoping the situation gets cleared up quickly.

Urban Meyer, who coached Young just a season ago, moved to FOX to become a CFB analyst. On Friday night, Meyer talked about the Chase Young situation:

“I first found out early in the week, talked to Gene Smith and was just as shocked as everybody,” Meyer said on FS1. “I think my understanding is the transparency – Chase and his family have been very forthright – which is the key whenever you’re dealing with NCAA issues. He’s working with Ohio State and the NCAA to get this thing wrapped up.

“My understanding is once again, the most important thing is transparency, honesty. He realized he made a mistake – this is what I always appreciated about a guy like Chase – he made a mistake, he owned it and he’s working to get it corrected.”

Meyer might be spot on here. After all, he would know better than you and I. He says that transparency and being honest is key when dealing with the NCAA.

If Young has spoken the truth about the loan he took — and paid back — it may help him in the long run. We hope to find out sooner than later what the NCAA deems fit.