Penn State is 8-0. Despite that fact, Nobody believes the Nittany Lions are on the same level as teams like LSU, Alabama, Ohio State and Clemson.

That next level, though? Sure.

Well, Penn State will have its chance to prove that it belongs. The Nittany Lions not only face 8-0 Ohio State on Nov. 23, but they also play 8-0 Minnesota and 7-2 Indiana in the two games prior to the showdown with the Buckeyes:

Penn State travels to Minnesota on Nov. 9, then hosts Indiana on Nov. 16 and finishes with the Buckeyes on Nov. 23 for a tremendously difficult three-game stretch.

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If the Nittany Lions go unbeaten and win the B1G Championship, there’s no question that a College Football Playoff spot is theirs. But, what if Penn State slips up? Even in a tight game against Ohio State and finishing 11-1, would that be good enough? Would not making (and winning) the B1G Championship crush the Nittany Lions’ hopes?

Only time will tell.

But first, this daunting three-game stretch must be played.