Reports surrounding a new players association within the ranks of college football stirred things up across the B1G recently.

Last week, it was reported that Kevin Warren was meeting with the players association – including Penn State QB in a leadership role. That group was reportedly seeking revenue sharing for student-athletes and improved medical care for athletes. It was also reported that Warren had invited the PA to attend B1G Media Days in Indianapolis.

Since then, things have backtracked a bit. A follow-up report over the weekend revealed the B1G has withdrawn the Media Days invitation, saying the presence of the PA “would distract from our student-athletes.” Sean Clifford also released a statement, clarifying that he is not associated with the PA and is working with B1G leadership through his status as a student-athlete.

On Tuesday, another layer to the story was added. In a newsletter from Jason Stahl – leader of the CFB PA – he details how Penn State coaches and B1G leadership swayed Clifford away from associating with the association. Stahl even claims another B1G player – Minnesota QB Tanner Morgan – played a role in Clifford’s decision.

It will be interesting to see if Warren addresses this story during his Media Days appearance.