KJ Hamler went through a serious ACL and hip injury that ended his 2021 season after 3 games. That injury was just the beginning for what became a tough journey for Hamler.

On Monday, the Denver Broncos officially activated the wide receiver from the PUP list as he returned to practice. After practice, Hamler reiterated he believes he’ll be ready to go for Week 1 though he is not sure what the team plans for him in the preseason.

“Preseason, I don’t know what those plans are yet,” said Hamler. “But I think I’m ready, I think I’m fine.”

Asked about the rest of his journey, Hamler admitted that rehab was just a part of his process. He shared that his grandmother passed away and that put him in a dark place.

Hamler believes he is in a much better place today but also wished he had sought help from others throughout the process.

“It’s been a tough journey to be honest,” Hamler admitted. “Just so much stuff I was dealing with being piled up on top of each other…The devil was on my back for a while, and I wish I would have never done it by myself. I wish I had asked for help.”

Hopefully Hamler is able to stay healthy and play a strong role for the Broncos this season. For now, it is good to see him back on the field and getting reps in after the injury in 2021.